Family Classic



Now in it's 16th year, the Connecticut Open Family Classic provides families throughout New England and New York spirited competition and the chance to share the stage with some of the top women's professional players in the game today. 

Congratulations to our Family Classic Regional Finalists who will now go on to compete at the Family Classic Championships to be held August 25 at the Connecticut Open!
Parent/ Child 10 & Under Finalists
John and Jay Dusza from Guilford, CT (Madison Racquet and Swim Club)
Lukas and Liam Hovorka from Avon, CT (Bristol Parks and Recreation) 
Father/ Child 12 & Under Finalists 
Jeff and Ryan Morneau from East Longmeadow, MA (Enfield Tennis Club/ Crestview Tennis Club) 
Christopher and Sebastien Lowy from Madison, CT (Madison Racquet and Swim Club)
Father/ Child 14 & Under Finalists 
Bryan and Andrew Kelley from Darien, CT (Wee Burn Country Club)
Tiger and Jerry Zhang from Farmington, CT (Farmington Farms Tennis & Athletic Club)
Father/ Child 18 & Under Finalists 
Paul and Greg Rendine from Wakefield, RI (Mystic Indoor Sports)
Thomas and Joey Conrad from Sandy Hook, CT (Tennis Club of Trumbull)
Mother/ Child 12 & Under Finalists 
Renee Perroncel and Matt DeLaurentis from Orange, CT (New Haven Lawn Club)
Stephanie and James Foster from Longmeadow, MA (Magic Lincer Tennis Academy)
Mother/ Child 14 & Under Finalists 
Mary and Ian Wise from Darien, CT (Country Club of Darien)
Barbara Calaba and Maddy Wilson from New Canaan, CT (Woodway Country Club)
Mother/ Child 18 & Under Finalists 
Peggy and Gretta Hartman from Glastonbury, CT (Glastonbury Tennis Club)
Amy and Jack Johnson from Fairfield, CT (Trumbull Racquet Club)
Parent/ Child Open Finalists 
Rick and Ben Reuter from Brookfield, CT (Candlewood Lake Club)
Andy and Zack Gould from Bedford, NH (Edgewood Swim and Tennis Club)
Husband/ Wife Finalists 
Barbara and Victor Calaba from New Canaan, CT (Woodway Country Club)
Dan and Cristina Chen from New York, NY (Magic Lincer Tennis Academy)


Players and Organizers:

Click here for more information about the 2016 Connecticut Open Family Classic including the competition structure, complete rules and eligibility information. 


To register a local Family Classic event and receive a free package of marketing materials, click here to register your event online OR Click here for a printable form to email, fax or mail to Tim Curry at the Connecticut Open offices.

General Information:

Schedule: Local Family Classic events must be completed by July 25.  Winners of the local events advance to the REGIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS July 30-31 at the Yale University Tennis Courts in New Haven, CT.  Finals are held on Thursday, August 25 during the Connecticut Open.  

Age Groups/Divisions: The Family Classic offers a total of nine divisions (see below).  Local events may host as few as one of these divisions or as many as all nine.  Fields may be combined at local events if there are limited entries (see competition rules for more info)

  • Parent/Child U10 (10 & Under)
  • Father/Child (12 & Under)
  • Father/Child (14 & Under)
  • Father/Child (18 & Under)
  • Mother/Child (12 & Under)
  • Mother/Child (14 & Under)
  • Mother/Child (18 & Under)
  • Husband/Wife
  • Parent/Child Open (19 & Over)

Regional Championship Schedule:

Saturday, July 30

  • All Father/Child divisions
  • Parent/Child 10 & Under division

Sunday, July 31

  • All Mother/Child divisions
  • Husband/Wife divisions
  • Parent/Child Open (19 & over) division

Local Champions/Regional Participants:

Each team that wins a local Family Classic event (or advances to the Regional Championships as the best finisher in their respective division in a combined draw) must complete the Family Classic Regional Participation Form by Sunday, July 25th in order to secure their berth in into the regional champions. A downloadable form is available here or you can submit your information online here. To download the Regional Championships Player Information Packet please click here

Congratulations to our local event winners who will now go on to compete at the regional championships to be held July 30 and 31!
(Registration status for the Regional Championships can be found next to winners names. Please register if you have not done so already!) 
Bristol Parks and Recreation
Parent/ Child 10 & Under: Lukas and Liam Hovorka (Registered)
Father/ Child 14 & Under: Joseph and Caitlin Sze (Registered) 
Father/ Child 18 & Under: Brian and Peter Mao (Registered)
Parent/ Child Open: Michael and Sinclair Bush (Not Registered)
Candlewood Lake Club
Parent/ Child 10 & Under: David and Zachary Mwanza (Registered)
Father/ Child 12 & Under: David and Benjamin Mwanza (Registered)
Parent/ Child Open: Rick and Ben Reuter (Registered)
Connecticut Public Parks 
Father/ Child 18 & Under: Robert Ray and Son (Registered)
Country Club of Darien 
Mother/ Child 12 & Under: Mary and Ian Wise (Registered)
Edgewood Swim and Tennis Club
Mother/ Child 12 & Under: Jacqueline Scott and Ethan Metz (Registered)
Mother/ Child 14 & Under: Margarota and Alex Finklestein (Not Registered)
Father/ Child 12 & Under: Doug and Jake Lowenstein (Registered)
Father/ Child 14 & Under: Greg Barteck & Ella Barteck (Not Registered)
Father/ Child 18 & Under: Dave and Sam Feldman (Not Attending)
Husband/ Wife: Fred and Susie Hawkins (Registered)
Parent/ Child Open: Andy and Zach Gould (Registered)
Enfield Tennis Club/ Crestview Tennis Club:
Father/ Child 12 & Under: Jeff and Ryan Morneau (Registered)
Father/ Child 14 & Under: Dana and Christian Hammett (Registered)
Father/ Child 18 & Under: Chien and Vinson Duong (Not Registered)
Farmington Farms Tennis & Athletic Club
Parent/ Child 10 & Under: Lukas and Ryan Hovorka (Not Attending)
Mother/ Child 12 & Under: Sarah and Sophia Zhang (Registered) 
Mother/ Child 14 & Under: Ina and Paul Harris (Not Attending)
Father/ Child 12 & Under: Sarit and Sonali Patel (Registered)
Father/ Child 14 & Under: Tiger and Jerry Zhang (Registered)
Husband/ Wife: Tiger Zhang and Sarah Song (Registered)
Future Stars Tennis Camp
Parent/ Child 10 & Under: Claire and Chloe Pacquin (Not Registered)
Mother/ Child 12 & Under: Julia and Eli Snider (Registered)
Father/ Child 12 & Under: Jake and Zach Schreiber (Not Registered) 
Glastonbury Tennis Club
Parent/ Child 10 & Under: Dare and Pheobe Chung (Not Registered)
Mother/ Child 12 & Under: Lisa and John Hoover (Registered)
Mother/ Child 18 & Under: Peggy and Gretta Hartman (Registered)
Father/ Child 12 & Under: Craig and Drew Kaufman (Registered)
Husband/ Wife: Mike and Lisa Hoover (Registered)
Parent/ Child Open: Amy and Hannah Miller (Registered)
Guilford Racquet Club
Father/ Child 18 & Under: Stephen and Matthew Murphy (Registered)
Hamden Parks and Recreation
Parent/ Child 10 & Under: Hassan and Laila Haraj-Sai (Registered)
Mother/ Child 14 & Under: Lauren and Nate Biller (Registered)
Father/ Child 18 & Under: William and Katie Esposito (Registered)
Husband/ Wife: David and Lauren Biller (Registered)
Madison Beach Club
Father/ Child 18 & Under: David and Haley Beecher (Registered)
Madison Racquet and Swim Club
Parent/ Child 10 & Under: John and Jay Dusza (Registered)
Father/ Child 12 & Under: Christopher and Sebastien Lowy (Registered)
Father/ Child 18 & Under: Greg Farnoli and Sara Farnoli (Registered)
Magic Lincer Tennis Academy 
Parent/ Child 10 & Under: Qi and Kevin Liang (Registered)
Mother/ Child 12 & Under: Stephanie and James Foster (Registered)
Father/ Child 12 & Under: Mani and Ustav Sectharama (Registered)
Father/ Child 14 & Under: Sam and Varsha Rathore (Registered)
Husband/ Wife: Dan and Cristina Chen (Registered)
Middlebury Racquet Club
Parent/ Child 10 & Under: Rich and Reese Yost (Not Attending)
Father/ Child 18 & Under: John and Matt Mastropietro (Registered)
Parent/ Child Open: John and Nick Mastropietro (Registered)
Middlesex Club
Parent/ Child 10 & Under: David and Clifton Shelton (Registered)
Mother/ Child 18 & Under: Janet Scanlon and Nathalie Perreault (Registered)
Father/ Child 12 & Under: TR and Joseph Rowe (Registered)
Minnechaug Pool & Tennis 
Father/ Child 18 & Under: Paul and Emily Jacy (Registered)
Mystic Indoor Sports
Father/ Child 12 & Under: Charles Hinckley SR. and Charles Hinckley Jr. (Registered)
Father/ Child 18 & Under: Paul and Greg Rendine (Registered)
Husband/ Wife: Nick and Star Furlote (Registered)
New Haven Lawn Club
Parent/ Child 10 & Under: Joe and Tyler Tagliarini (Not Attending)
Mother/ Child 12 & Under: Renee Perroncel and Matthew Deuentis (Registered)
Mother/ Child 14 & Under: Susan and David Metrick (Registered)
Mother/ Child 18 & Under: Teresa and Patricio Panico (Registered)
Father/ Child 12 & Under: Neal and Matthew DeLaurentis (Registered)
Father/ Child 14 & Under: Andrew and David Metrick (Registered)
Father/ Child 18 & Under: Gerry and Pat Panico (Not Attending)
Parent/ Child 10 & Under: Robert and Jacob Schonberger (Registered)
Father/ Child 12 & Under: Prashanth and Punarvasan Garani (Registered)
Oak Hills Tennis Club
Parent/ Child 10 & Under: Tom and Hope Jackson (Not Attending)
Mother/ Child 12 & Under: Anna Eliseenkova and Gregory Lebedev (Registered)
Father/ Child 12 & Under: Christian and Edward Nagler (Registered)
Paugusset Tennis Club 
Father/ Child 18 & Under: Robert Kroepel Sr. and Robert Kroepel Jr. (Registered)
Pine Acres Swim and Tennis Club
Parent/ Child 10 & Under: Paul and Paul IV Cordilico (Registered)
Father/ Child 12 & Under: Jeff and Chance Krawczyk (Registered)
Father/ Child 14 & Under: Ken and Kyle Vu (Registered)
Father/ Child 18 & Under: Kim and Tyler Nguyen (Registered)
Pine Orchard Yacht and Country Club
Parent/ Child 10 & Under: David and Will Henderson (Not Attending)
Mother/ Child 14 & Under: Kathy and Charlie Andriole (Not Registered)
Mother/ Child 18 & Under: Marta and Lauren Elmasry (Registered)
Father/ Child 12 & Under: Ronland and Tage Wikstrom (Not Registered)
Father/ Child 14 & Under: Patrick and Grace O'Keefe (Not Registered)
Father/ Child 18 & Under Bob Mobeck and Emily Ross (Not Registered)
Pleasantville Tennis Club 
Parent/ Child 10 & Under: Leo and Sebastian Mora (Registered) 
Mother/ Child 12 & Under: Carol and Sean Gallagher (Not Attending)
Father/ Child 12 & Under: Paul and Nicholas Kaufman (Not Attending)
Father/ Child 14 & Under: Noel and Ella Furniss (Not Attending)
Silver Sands Beach and Tennis Club
Father/ Child 12 & Under: Salvatore and Alexandria Voilero (Registered)
Stratford Tennis Association
Mother/ Child 12 & Under: Scott and Elena Neufeld (Not Attending)
Father/ Child 12 & Under: TR and Joseph Rowe (Registered)
Father/ Child 14 & Under: Brenda and Max Neufeld (Not Attending)
Husband/ Wife: Scott and Brenda Neufeld (Not Attending)
Tennis Club of Trumbull
Father/ Child 18 & Under: Thomas and Joey Conrod (Registered)
Tennis and Fitness Center of Rocky Hill 
Parent/ Child 10 & Under: Mike and Joey Pestel (Registered)
Father/ Child 12 & Under: Jeff and Jake Hoyt (Registered)
Father/ Child 14 & Under: Steve and Shelly Pattengill (Registered)
Trumbull Racquet Club
Parent/Child 10 & Under: Manu and Atoll Krishnan (Registered)
Mother/Child 12 & Under: Nicola and Anya Kunar (Registered)
Mother/Child 14 & Under: Kim and Declan Rifflard (Not Attending)
Mother/ Child 18 & Under: Amy and Jack Johnson (Registered)
Father/Child 12 & Under: Manu and Arvin Krishnan (Registered)
Father/Child 14 & Under: Stuart and Bradley Stakoff (Registered)
Father/ Child 18 & Under: Mark and Jack Johnson (Registered)
Husband/Wife: Nicola and Ariel Kunar (Registered)
Tennis Central Woodbridge 
Parent/Child 10 & Under: Lucio and Lucio Kombo (Registered)
Mother/Child 12 & Under: Ninani and Sebaga Kombo (Not Registered)
Mother/Child 18 & Under: Stephanie Dragan and David Cease (Registered)
Father/Child 12 & Under: Charles and Jacob Cha (Not Registered)
Father/Child 14 & Under: Louis and Brett Gloria (Registered)
Father/Child 18 & Under: Daniel Underkofler and Sejal Atluru (Not Attending)
Westport Parks and Recreation
Parent/ Child 10 & Under: Stephanie and Filipa Lemcke (Registered)
Mother/ Child 12 & Under: Caroline and Evan Trock (Registered)
Faher/ Child 14 & Under: Dan and Josh Horowitz (Registered)
Wee Burn 
Father/ Child 14 & Under: Bryan and Andrew Kelley (Registered)
Woodbridge Club
Mother/Child 18 & Under: Wendy and Henry Murphy (Registered)
Woodway Country Club
Mother/Child 14 & Under: Barbara and Maddy Calaba (Registered)
Husband/Wife: Barbara and Victor Calaba (Registered)

Local Event Information.  Please note this list is in formation and events are listed in alphabetical order. Please continue to check back to see when you club will host a Connecticut Open Family Classic.

  Club/Organization Tournament Date     Contact Name Contact Email
  Bristol Parks & Recreation 7/16
Jessie Petroska
  Candlewood Lake Club (New Milford) 6/18 David Mwanza
  Cornwall Commuity Tennis Association 7/24 Todd Piker

Country Club of Darien


Karl Levanat
  Enfield Tennis Club w/ Crestview Country Club 7/16 Michael Meyers
  Farmington Farms Tennis & Athletic Club 6/12 Brett Smith
  Field Club of Greenwich 6/27 James Crosby
  Glastonbury Tennis Club 5/21
Krista Clark
  Groton Long Point Yacht Club 7/16
Tom Zenowitz
  Hamden Parks and Recreation 7/8 Nils LeBlang
  Long Ridge Club: Swim and Tennis 7/24 GiGi Fernandez
  Madison Racquet and Swim Club 7/10 Kitty Palmer
  Magic Lincer Tennis Academy 7/23 Magic Lincer
  Middlebury Racquet Club 6/26 Amy Reed
Middlesex Club
*for club members only
Alan Bohane
  Minnechaug Swim & Tennis Club 6/25 Michael Blair
  Mystic Indoor Sports 7/9 Camille Burlingham
  New HYTEs 7/2 Rebekka Chenard
  New Haven Lawn Club 7/9 Cliff Skakle
  Oak Hills Tennis Club 6/25 Meg Spescha
  Paugusset Swim and Tennis  7/17 Tim Dancy
  Pine Orchard Yacht and Tennis Club (for club members only) 7/4 Mike McManus
  Connecticut Public Parks Championships Scalzi Park (Stamford) 7/17 Tim Curry
  Stratford Tennis Association  6/18-6/30
Ken Graham
  Tennis Central Club (Woodbridge) 6/4
Jennifer Urbon
  Tennis Club of Trumbull 7/9 John Pagano
  Tennis & Fitness Center of Rocky Hill 6/24 Miguel Garcia
  Trumbull Racquet Club 6/4
Ginny Dragone
  Westport Parks & Rec 7/9
Dave Kardas
  Woodway Country Club (Darien) 6/26
Chuck Milot
  Edgewood Swim & Tennis Club (Raynham) 6/19 Filipe Miguel
New York        
  Pleasantville Tennis Club 7/16 Marielise Watss

Thanks  to all of our Community Partners who help to make the Connecticut Open a successful community event!


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