My CT Open: Petra Kvitova

As we look forward to celebrating 20 years of women’s tennis at the Connecticut Open this summer, we asked some of our top players to take a walk down memory lane with us:

My favorite thing about the CT Open is…the calm before the storm. I feel very relaxed there and love that I can walk around town and feel peaceful. It’s like going home.

My standout memory at the CT Open is…for sure the memories when I won my titles, they were the best, and I think the crowd there too. They always support me and I feel a connection with them.

My toughest moment at the CT Open was…Hmm I think the year when I played Simona in the final. I felt tired physically and wasn’t in the best shape so that was tough to take because it was the final and I really wanted to play well. I love to win finals

I decided to come back to the CT Open this year because…I am a past champion, I love the tournament and I always love to play there. It’s as simple as that really.

I think the CT Open has flourished for 20 years because…of the people. They love to play tennis, they love to watch tennis and I think they are always trying to be something more than just a tennis tournament.

If I were CT Open tournament director for a day, I would…I would never change anything and leave everything to Anne (Worcester, the tournament director) 

My favourite thing about the city of New Haven is…it’s very calm, I love that it’s a student city because it’s very young and there’s good energy. I’m also really enjoying my breakfasts over there, I have a favourite place on the square and Claire’s of course.

If I were a student at Yale, I would study…Tough to stay, I think psychology

If I could eat anywhere in New Haven, it would be…Maison Mathis

If I could play anyone from CT Open tennis history, it would be…Steffi Graf

In another 20 years of #CTOpenTennis, I would like to see…many people who are happy to come and watch, not just because of the tournament, but because of the city and the whole festival atmosphere.